The Lemon Bar


As with many of my adventures, the Back Bay is the place to be.  While on a walk today along Newbury Street, Natalie (m’ lady nerd) and I happened to come across an inspiring sight.  Sitting in front of Ralph Lauren next to Georgetown Cupcakes was a standalone table selling lemonade, brownies, and rice crispy treats.  At the helm was Miles, a young entrepeneur who with the “business loan from his parents” and logistical help from Babson College, started his first business endeavor.  Miles had a smile ear to ear and was probably the best salesman I’ve ever met.  He had astounding charisma and true faith in his homemade products.

From his brilliant mind, The Lemon Bar was created 2 years ago and Miles was on his way to entrepreneurship.  He explained that his parents fronted the money for supplies, Babson College designed his logo and pulled all the necessary permits/permissions to allow him to set up his booth on Newbury Street.  Business was booming.   His offerings were his own homemade creations from rice crispy treats and brownies to sparkling, all-natural lemonade.  His marketing was genius as his sign read, “everything is only $1!”  How could you pass up that offer, especially with his charisma and determination.  After joining a crowd of other patrons, we enjoyed our lemonade and Natalie her brownie as we continued down Newbury Street, window shopping and taking in the Spring sun.

We wish Miles much success in his business endeavors however it looks like he’s got it all figured out!

So what you have to ask yourself when you have a business idea is…

As always,


The Professor 


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