About Us

Why We’re Nerds…

 Did you ever have that kid in your science class who always raised his hand to answer the question?  That was us.  Remember that one kid who lived for science fairs and always had a book about bugs in his backpack?  That was us.  Here at Kär•bən, we live for science.  To this day, we get excited when we find pond scum to look at under our microscope, see a preview for a new wildlife documentary on TV, or read exciting new findings in a science journal.  Science thrives in the presence of curiosity and we are always looking for new and interesting information.  We know nerds have been persecuted for their vast knowledge, however we have always been proud of who we are regardless of what others thought and that holds true to this day.  Never fear what others think when you are doing what you love!

Kär•bən all began when Chris and I were little.  We loved looking under rocks and logs for insects and salamanders.  Our love of science started young.  For years, my family taunted me about my obsession with learning science facts.  I would always spurt out random fun facts I would learn about in school or in my science books.  They would always raise their fingers in the air and push an imaginary pair of nerd glasses up their noses mocking me.  As I grew older, the nerd inside became evident to all of my friends and colleagues who carried on the tradition of mocking my love of science and pushed those glasses high on their nose, just as my family has.  To this day, I can never live down a newly-learned fun fact or offered information regarding something science-y.  Accepting my inner nerd, I wanted to share this passion with everyone around the world and that is when Kär•bən came to fruition.  The birth of Kär•bən has resulted in various stages of evolution which has led us here.  With sales around the world, reaching almost every continent, we have begun to share our love of science with the rest of the world.

Kär•bən is now truly an educational experience you can wear.  All of our shirts are U.S. made, sweat-shop free, printed with eco-friendly inks with corn and soy.  The printing process uses all water-based substances therefore, the need for harsh chemicals no longer exists.  All of our packaging is recyclable and we conduct all of our business using electronic means to reduce waste as well as our carbon footprint.  Our hang tags can be planted to grow wildflowers and will soon include seeds which will grow into vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, and carrots.  Our mission is to provide you with eco-friendly, intelligent clothing which allows your inner nerd to break free with a stylish edge.

So push those glasses high on your nose and raise your beakers with pride!  Being a nerd is more than being smart; it means taking pride in what love no matter what others think!